Business Visa

Processing time :
3 - 4 Working Days
Validity :
Stay period :
Entry :
Multi Entry
INR 2410/-
Basic Requirements for Singapore Visa:

    ** Important Note **

    • Visa charges is 30 SGD + 590 service Charges incl taxes


    • Mandatory Documents
    1. Original passport (validity more than 6 months with minimum 3 blank pages)
    2. Recent expired passport (if any)
    3. Click recent 2 photo (size: 35 x 45mm, white background, mat finish, 80% face) - do not use old photos. (Notes:-kindly don-t wear white colour shirt and kindly mention applicant-s name & passport number behind each photograph)
    4. Visa application form (14a) should be filled thoroughly and signatures should be done
    5. 03 Months bank statement with funds not less than 60,000/- inr maintained through 06 months with original seal and signature from authorised person of bank on every page of the bank statement.(Kindly note:- bank statement last transaction has to be 3 days before submission.)
    6. 3 Years itrs for first time traveller
    7. A personal covering letter (name and passport numbers of passengers travelling together, date of travel to singapore, details of land itinerary and place of stay in singapore along with sponsor-s detail, applicant-s contact details (contact numbers and email address), applicant-s employment details, details of local sponsor (if applicable.)
    8. Hotel booking confirmation of stay in singapore. (Name should be mentioned in covering letter)
    9. Confirmed returned flight tickets.
    • Additional Documents
    • If Passport is Issued Outside Jurisdiction
    1. Electricity bill on the applicant-s name bearing the address of the jurisdiction that we cover.
    2. Telephone/mobile or internet bill on the applicant-s name bearing the address of the jurisdiction that we cover.
    3. Leave and licence agreement or purchase agreement of the flat.
    4. A society letter in original.
    • If Businessman / Self Employed.
    1. Occupation proof (for e.g. Company registration, partnership deed, memorandum) - copy
    • If Employed/Salaried.
    1. 3 Months- salary slips with company stamp
    2. Original leave sanctioned letter with company stamp
    3. Employment contract
    4. Company noc to leave.
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