25 Jan 2024
Posted by: Atlas tours and Travels Pvt Ltd

Explore the vast desert landscapes of Saudi Arabia with the ultimate road-tripping adventure. From glittering cosmopolitan cities to ancient historic sites, the country offers a myriad of experiences for every traveler.

Renting a car is the key to navigating this diverse landscape. Ensure compliance with age and license requirements, especially for foreign renters. Check if insurance covers multiple drivers and consider a four-wheel-drive vehicle for specific itineraries.

The journey itself is an adventure—plan for photo stops, explore small villages, and relish the great outdoors. Road trips offer flexibility for spontaneous detours, and the friendly locals are always willing to share recommendations, turning a good trip into an unforgettable journey.

For off-road ventures, plan ahead with an offline map, as GPS connections can be unreliable in remote areas. Keep a bag of essentials in the car, including antibacterial wipes, face masks, gloves, sunglasses, sun cream, a first-aid kit, a cooler with snacks and water, and a phone car charger.

Download podcasts and playlists in advance for entertainment, as mobile data may be unreliable and costly in the wilderness. Stay connected with essential numbers:

  • Police: 999 Ambulance: 997 Traffic accidents: 993 Civil defense: 998 Highway Patrol: 996 Coastguard: 994 Tourism call center: 930
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