10 Jan 2024
Saudi Arabia - Visit the worlds tallest Mountain.
Posted by: Atlas Tours and Travels Pvt Ltd

Travelers to Saudi Arabia can see one of the world's tallest fountains in


The spectacular plume of water, known as King Fahd's Fountain, springs up from the Red Sea and is visible from around the city.

The water jets to an impressive maximum height of 312 meters high (853 feet), making it the tallest in the world. 

The second-tallest is the World Cup Fountain in Seoul, South Korea, which reaches a height of 202 meters (663 feet).

King Fahd's Fountain is listed in Guinness World Records as the highest water fountain in the world.

The best time to see the fountain is around 6 p.m. and it runs throughout the night, drawing crowds of visitors and locals to the Alhambra Cornish.

Travelers can take in the fountain while walking around sampling food from a variety of stalls that line the waterfront.

Many travelers grab a coffee at the famous Culture Cafe, which offers views of the Corniche and the fountain and is a popular photo spot as well.

Travelers arriving by taxi or uber can ask to be dropped at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel for an ideal place to view the fountain and its show.

The Ritz-Carlton and the Park Hyatt are two of 13 hotels that offer views of the fountain.

Travelers who want to make a day of visiting the Corniche and the King Fahd Fountain can begin at another well-known eatery. Stop in at Cafe Aroma for lunch.

The restaurant is an icon in the area and the oldest Italian cafe in Jeddah where visitors have been coming for more than 20 years.


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