17 Jul 2023
Getting To Allula
Posted by: Atlas Tours & Travels Pvt Ltd


The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) is a country located in western Asia, which is rich in history, culture, heritage, natural beauty and adventurous experiences. The province of AlUla captures all of it perfectly. So start planning your journey now with our full travel guide! Saudi Arabia has recently opened its gates to travellers across the globe, leading to an increase in tourists over the years. If you are thinking about visiting Saudi Arabia this year, then make sure to include AlUla in your trip.

Madain Saleh (Al-Hijr): This UNESCO World Heritage site features well-preserved ancient tombs and rock-cut structures. It is one of the most important Nabatean archaeological sites outside of Petra, Jordan.

Al-Ula Old Town: Explore the old town of Al-Ula, which offers a glimpse into the traditional architecture and lifestyle of the region.

Elephant Rock: This natural rock formation resembles an elephant and is a popular spot for photography and enjoying the surrounding desert landscape.

Al-Ula Museum: Learn about the history and culture of Al-Ula through artifacts, exhibitions, and interactive displays.

Dadan: Visit the ancient city of Dadan, which was once the capital of the Lihyanite civilization. Explore the ruins and see inscriptions, tombs, and remnants of the city's past.

Jabal Ikmah: Known for its rock formations and ancient inscriptions, Jabal Ikmah is a fascinating archaeological site with remnants of a once-thriving community.

The Old Railway Station: Discover the historical significance of the Hejaz Railway at this restored railway station, which provides insights into the region's transportation history.

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