Best time to visit Kashmir with family

30 Jul 2022
Best time to visit Kashmir with family
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A very often asked question in travel sites is “What is the best time to visit Kashmir.”

The Best Time is always NOW!!!


Because Kashmir never fails to mesmerize us with its beauty in any season. One can have four distinctively amazing experiences during the four seasons that Kashmir embraces. While it charms us with its snow-peaked mountains and white silver winters, you cannot miss out on its brighter fun activities during the summer months. The colorful autumns make perfect background for your photographs with orange and brown fall leaves, while the spring times are when Kashmir shows off its floral elegance to us.

So, I guess the best question to ask is what time do I prefer to visit Kashmir, if not all the time??

Kashmir Summer

From a tourism perspective, Kashmir sees the most number of travelers during the months of March to June. The reason could be the summer season of Kashmir, holiday season for many educational institutes, or the heavy covers from the fruiting trees of the valley!! The weather is amazing and just perfect to cool off your hot heads just like Kashmir melts off its snow!! A heaven for travelers coming from hotter regions, this is the best place to hide away from that daily scorching heat with temperature ranging between 15 °C to 30 °C. This is also the best time to visit Kashmir with family, because the kids get a summer vacation from school and parents get a vacation from the routine!! Best time for Holiday in Kashmir, this season opens up all the places to be visited in Kashmir because of its perfect weather conditions. However, don’t forget to book your travel hotels and tickets ahead of time, because this is also the peak time for the Vaishno Devi and Amarnath tourists!!

Kashmir monsoon 

With the onset of Monsoon season for India during the July to September months, Kashmir wears a panoramic view of lush green evergreen trees in the valley. Although it is the rainy season, the monsoons are not very heavy for touring and exploring during this off-season time. Not to mention, the crazy discounts on flights, hotels and other booking prices that make this season very affordable and a serene experience especially for a quiet solitude. Get your poetry books and creative pens along to get inspired from this rainy, mist-ridden masterpiece of creation called Kashmir. Apart from must visit places, there are must do activities in Kashmir like walking trails and apple-picking. Make sure you add that to your itineraries. Some years also see the delightful Ramzan festivities during the June and July months. Enjoy the local culture and their specialty food unique to Kashmir valley.

Kashmir snowfall

As the fall season in Kashmir prepares itself for the winters, travelers are also preparing for winter, which sees much fewer visitors during the year. Nevertheless, The magnificent and colorful trees, in red, yellow, and brown fall colors during the months of October to December, not only confirm the fall of leaves and twigs but also the gradual fall in the temperatures from highest temperatures around 18 °C to a minimum of 4 °C. This season is also the favorite among the honeymooners for best deals, less travelers, quiet locales, and peaceful Shikhaara rides. When you have been to the must visit places in Kashmir, such as Phalgam, Gulmarg and Srinagar, during this season or any other, one can easily see why Kashmir is called the paradise on earth.

Kashmir Winter 

Nothing comes close to getting to know Kashmir in its White winter glory. A peak season again for travelers, especially the snow and ski-lovers. The winter season in Kashmir opens with abundance of snowfall from the months of December through February. The entire valley is a snow laden blanket with winter sports and activities burgeoning. Try out all the Skiing, skating, and snowboarding to your hearts content while the temperatures stay around the -2 °C to 12 °C mark. Take the cable car rides to get a view of the mesmerizing beauty of the snow-covered high mountains and the valley from a vantage point.

It would be unfair to define the best time to visit Kashmir, as the place delights each to their own distinctive palates. Wowidays has been in the Tourism and Holidays industry for several years, and Kashmir remains the best travel destinations for most of our Wowidians.

We, at Wowidays have done our best research to put together the best Kashmir tour packages for family, for all seasons. We have been successful in creating beautiful memories for each of our patrons who would like to visit Kashmir at any time, season, or month of the year.

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